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Impowerwomen - Connection & Contribution : 10 Ways to lead a more Spiritual Life


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Impowerwomen - Connection & Contribution

Ten Ways to Lead a More Spiritual Life

  1. Connect with others by choosing live experiences. See plays not movies, listen to bands instead of CDs; play charades instead of video games.
  2. Make someone else’s day. Throw a surprise party for a friend or do a favor or an unexpected act of kindness.
  3. Sign up for a charity run/walk. You’ll help a good cause, get outdoors, meet new people, and enjoy a sense of purpose.
  4. Create you own meaningful ceremonies and rituals. For instance, if you don’t want to a have a traditional religious holiday, invite friends for a Christmas tree blessing.
  5. Engage your senses. Make even essential activities more alluring with sensual rituals. Sprinkle your pillow with lavender scent when you launder your sheets, or use luxurious shower gels each morning.
  6. Find an activity that gives you a sense of serenity. It could be playing the piano or baking bread.
  7. Check out a spiritual custom from another culture such as feng shui, the Chinese are of placement. It is believed to promote health, positive social relationships, contemplation and respect for others.
  8. Find out if there’s a labyrinth in your neighborhood (some churches have them). Walking through these medieval contemplation aids is becoming more popular.
  9. Pause for introspection, perspective, and spirituality. There are nearly 600 silent retreat centers in the United States and Canada. Contact Retreats International :
  10. Get a daily dose of “vitamin H” better known as humor. Laughing is good for the body and soul.

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