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Impowerwomen - Business & Finance : Learn to Love Networking


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Impowerwomen - Business & Finance

Learning to love networking by helping other people and feeling confident in marketing your uniqueness.

Life is about bringing people together and seeing what happens. Just because someone is powerful, rich or famous doesn’t mean they are better than you – we are all equal.

Don’t think in terms of connecting with people to get what you want; think about how you can help them. Look for people to develop relationships with. How can you be a connector? Where is there an information gap that you can plug?

Try to get to know the person you’re talking to. Ask them about their business, their ideal customer, or their goals. Ask what they do for fun and find out what they care about. Seek out these stories and you’ll gain valuable insights and maybe even lessons. Don’t be afraid to talk to people – simply strike up a conversation. Offer a compliment – be sincere about it. As you meet people, relationships will follow. Find mentors, advisors, and friends to share goals with.

By networking, you will be empowered to find the people who can help you achieve a specific goal. The reason to network is so that you can put yourself out there to meet those people. In the end, it’s those relationships that matter – they will make the journey worthwhile.

As you network, you will better understand how aspects of the world work, which will result in your ability to effect change, and ultimately your realization that you really can do anything. Consider joining a Networking Group (like Rotary and Kiwanis Club) they are great places to learn the basics of networking, to meet new friends, to help foster other people’s career dreams.

When people ask you for favors, do them if you can. Do them if you have the resources, the time and the ability. The key here is that you’re giving to give, not to get. Know that you’ll get favors in return; just don’t stress out if they don’t come from people you’ve helped... trust that the good will come back to you.

Life = the people you meet + the experiences you create together.

Networking is marketing, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you want to stand for. The result is you’ll be well positioned to give and receive potentially great things.

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