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Impowerwomen - Business & Finance :


A Division of CK Impower Strategies Inc.

Education, Impowerment, and motivation for seniors


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Impowerwomen - Business & Finance

Providing strategies and techniques for women to realize their business and financial goals.

Statistics reveal that most new small business owners are women. Impowerwomen is committed to providing tips and techniques to help women reach their corporate and financial goals.

We sometimes harbour fear that power and femininity are mutually exclusive. They are not. We need to embrace the power within us. We need to know it is ok to be decisive, courageous and focused while at the same time being collaborative, nurturing and empathetic. It is what truly makes us great.

It seems true power has little to do with what is on your resume and more to do with being true to yourself and finding your own voice and path in the world.

Women are a force to be reckoned with in business – we have a broader view of success that reaches beyond the limited view from the corner office.

Through networking, mentorship and encouragement let’s help other women reach the pinnacle of success in the business world.


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