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Impowerwomen - Fitness & Lifestyle : 10 ways to keep motivated on fitness


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Impowerwomen - Fitness & Lifestyle

Ten Ways to Keep Fitness from Fizzling


  1. Know your mission. Write down why you’re trying to get in shape and how will it improve your life. Then read it over when you’re tempted to skip a workout.
  2. Dangle a few carrots. At the end of each week or month that you’ve stuck to your program, reward your successes with a healthy treat: perhaps a massage or a new pair of running shoes.
  3. Plan. Schedule your workout sessions and write them down on your calendar. Treat them as important appointments that can’t be missed.
  4. Track your progress. A workout journal can help you stay focused on your goals. For each seat session, record the date, duration, what you did and how you felt afterward.
  5. Do something active everyday. Even if you can’t fit in your full scheduled workout, do a scaled-back one. It’s easier to stay on the wagon that to get back on when you’ve fallen off.
  6. Be a problem solver. Don’t let temporary setbacks like at time crunch or injury derail you. Switch your schedule around a new activity.
  7. Think like a pro. Athletes don’t wonder if, but when they’ll go to the gym. Establish healthy boundaries to stop other activities from encroaching on your workout times.
  8. Find a reliable training partner. When you’re meeting a friend, it harder to blow off your workout. Plus, the camaraderie and competition make it more fun.
  9. Believe that change is possible. Stop thinking that you’re destined to be out-of-shape. People who succeed believe that they have control and can make it happen.
  10. Have fun. You have to like it if you’re going to stick to it! Try different workouts until you find the one that floats your boat. Boredom is the ultimate motivation killer.

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