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Impowerwomen - Fitness & Lifestyle :


A Division of CK Impower Strategies Inc.

Education, Impowerment, and motivation for seniors


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Impowerwomen - Fitness & Lifestyle

Redefining fitness for a healthy life through exercise and eating plans to keep you energetic.

It’s time to redefine fitness for a better life.
We can all benefit from approaching fitness with knowledge of body movement and true compassion for the human spirit.

Get quiet and listen to your body and heart to create a better life. Don’t focus on what you should not eat or what you should not do... instead focus on what you need to eat to be healthier, the movements you should make to feel more alive and the experience to engage in that will move you closer to what you truly want.

True fitness is inward and outward fitness. This section will offer fitness exercises to boost your aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility as well as help you achieve a healthy weight and feel confident with your body.

This section will also offer information on how to create a great eating plan to keep you lean, energetic and healthy.



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