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Impowerwomen - Health & Wellness : Stress buster tips 10 ways to stress less & enjoy life more


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Impowerwomen - Health & Wellness

Stress Buster Tips

  1. Surround yourself with positive people. It’s hard to stay miserable in a room full of optimists.
  2. Make a “happy list.” Even on your worst days, there are things you can appreciate at the moment.
  3. When facing a problem, don’t sit around gloomily ruminating about it. Instead, come up with three possible solutions. Chances are one of them will solve your dilemma.
  4. Nourish your relationship by doing something small each day – call a friend just to say hello; write a short love note to your mate; send a cartoon to a family member.
  5. Just do it. If you’ve been putting off writing a short story or hiking the Appalachian Trail, what are you waiting for?
  6. Dance for joy. Gyms are getting more creative with classes such as Jock ballet and bangra, an Indian dance form. Or go out with your mate and swing or salsa dance.
  7. Do something you’ve never done before. Paddle a canoe or go fishing.
  8. Find something to celebrate every month: the change of seasons, the new moon, a “between” anniversary.
  9. Get near water as much as possible. You’ll find it calming in all its forms. Sit on a beach, by a river or lake, or get a tabletop fountain.
  10. Ask you partner what he really wants from you: more communications, time alone together, evenings out? We often give important people in our lives what we want, so you may be surprised.

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